Library Oodi

It will destroy your idea of libraries!

Basically, we are used to thinking that a library is an ordinary building on the outside and no different inside. Shelves and books alone … But not now! The Oodi tech library is something completely new.


The library was built recently and is located in the heart of the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The futuristic structure is very different from the rest of the buildings from the outside, primarily in its waveform. Building area 17,000 sq.m!

2. What’s interesting?

Surprisingly, the library itself does not have as many books as it could be, only 100,000. The rest of the space is occupied by a reading room, a cinema, spaces for teaching and conducting lectures, a restaurant, an exhibition hall, and even (what is striking) a recording studio. Here, for the first time in the world, robots for sorting books were installed, and the library itself is part of the integrated HelMet system (a single network of municipal libraries in the capital), thanks to which you can find more than 3.4 million books, all you need is to make an online request.

3. City view

Also on the level of the third floor there is a small terrace, which offers a stunning view of the city.

There are many glass structures in the interior, so that the line between the exterior and the interior is almost invisible.

Deer Opinion:

This is a very cool building and is definitely on the list of places to visit in the city. The library is not so unusual for its design, but for the opportunity to relax and work in a creative setting. Here, inspiration and ideas are directly rolling. If you are in Helsinki, necessarily to visit her.

The most popular tourist destinations next year

Where to go on a trip in 2018?

Traveling is always good, especially if you know where you need to go next year. So, this is the list of the most popular tourist destinations in 2018.

Top seven opens the Korean city of Gangneung (I personally have not heard anything about this city😄😄). Soon there will be the Winter Olympic Games, so the popularity of this city will begin to grow rapidly.

In sixth place is the city of Bournemouth, which is in England. Its peculiarity is that this city is atypical for England and represents a warm climate and noisy life of the coast.

The next city is Canadian Edmonton. This resort attracts mountaineers and fishermen, and in general for an active time.
But the most popular city for travel will be Tokyo! I was shocked when I found out, but it’s not surprising. Also in the list of leaders included such cities as Paris, London, New York, Osaka.

Also in this top included Miami and Hong Kong, but I did not include them in the list because it is not so much known.
Well, this top was saturated. Write in the comments as you wish and wherever you would like to go. I have already made my choice 😉😄

Recreation? That’s for sure.

Need rest!

All of us sooner or later get tired of everyday work, people, hype around, and sometimes fret because of the rabid rhythm of life. What to do in this case?
The human body can withstand very heavy loads and can adapt to certain difficulties, but there is such a time when it can not adapt or the body is too weak and tired. Hence, unnecessary nerves and stress begin to arise soon. You need to unwind. Take a vacation or a long weekend and go with your loved ones and family somewhere on the hike or even on a long trip. You must gather your thoughts and rest to give your body peace. It is best to go somewhere, where there are no people and noisy streets of the metropolis.

You can go outside the city to the mountains (if any) and relax. See for nature or watch the clouds. Also during this period it is necessary to observe the regime, which was broken and because of this fatigue became faster. Try as little as possible to use the Internet and gadgets, but just enjoy the moment of life that you are missing.

I think it helps. Need to periodically rest. Write in the comments what you are ways to relax, it will be interesting to read.

Traveling by car is cool?

​That’s almost all of us like to travel. But this is usually in most cases occurs on the plane, but what if you travel on your car? Yes, yes, it is by car, more precisely, on the crossover.
It will be a very fascinating journey, for example, across Europe or America or even Asia. This has its charm and some kind of excitement. Very interesting. For such travels, compact crossovers are usually chosen. Because unlike seven-crossover crossover, they consume much less fuel, but their speed is the same. And what would you crossover choose? And have you ever chosen a crossover?

​For me, the more optimal versions of Nisssn X-Trail and VW Tiguan (all of them are 2017 of release). These crossovers are very reliable and combine comfort and economy in themselves. But now more in detail about VW Tiguan. This is a family car of the middle class, it is very reliable. In the cabin there is nothing superfluous and the quality of the materials is very good.
The advantages of traveling by car are:

  • You can stop wherever you want, for example, near beautiful places. You can go anywhere and as you like
  • On the car you can travel for a long time, but this does not need to get hung up.

​And how do you travel on a crossover? Do you like it? Would you like to try such an unusual way of traveling? Write in the comments.

#4:Language need not know to travel

​Ignorance of the language is not a problem. Travel!

​Now one of the most common problems of traveling abroad and even further this is strangely language. Ignorance of the English language or lack of knowledge restricts people to travel, although there are no other reasons for this. But you can handle this.
Previously, people before the journey bought dictionaries and learned the words and phrases of a certain language in the country where they keep their way. Or just strengthen their English. But now everything is much simpler. Some may not trust computers and digital systems. But in vain. Now there are a lot of transients on the Internet, but there is a risk. You can use the most reliable-Google Translate. This translator has made good progress and is working almost smoothly. The main thing is to have memory on your device. He translates from different languages, almost from all. You just need to download the language offline and without an Internet connection you can communicate and understand all that is written. It helps a lot. The main thing is that the battery on the smartphone is not discharged 😄😄

​It will not be superfluous to read even the basic words, concepts and key phrases. Ideally, of course, most know English, or little by little to learn the words of the country in which you are now. But this if in extreme cases, then you need to use Google Translate, which is very well proven. There are also cases when English is not very common in the country, then it really is necessary.

​So do not be frightened that you do not know the language, it should not stop you from traveling and the pleasures that they bring.

#3: Tokyo

​Ultramodern metropolis! Tokyo!

​Bored with traveling? Today it’s Japan, mostly Tokyo, where I really dream to go. And that’s why I know a lot about this country. But immediately I say that the trip will cost you at least $ 3800. Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world! You can save very much here, but you do not come to Japan to save money. So it will count on the average cost of the trip.

First flight:
 the cheapest tickets in October, and the most expensive in April, because in Japan at this time sakura blossoms and the influx of tourists is very large. It is necessary to book tickets for six months, then the price for them is much lower. The price of the flight is about $ 836 both ways for two weeks.
Now about the hotels. It’s not so simple. For a four-star hotel for ten days for three will need to give about 65 thousand. But you can also live in ryokanah (these are traditional Japanese houses), but there too, the cost will reach $ 1900.

It should be noted that there is no sense in coming to Tokyo for more than two weeks. Firstly, because it is quite an expensive country, and secondly, it’s just not necessary, because in two weeks you can visit all the sights of Tokyo, both well-known and little-known.

In Tokyo, there are many attractions, for example, the highest television tower which has an observation deck and offers a stunning view of the city. You can also visit the Imperial Palace and the Kabuki-Cho Theater. It is necessary to visit the most lively and large avenue in the world-Shibuya. Go to the area of ​​Akihabara and marvel at the latest technologies and robots. And go to the Ginza quarter and see how the rich live in Tokyo. Also worth visiting is the bulk island of Odaiba, which is made of garbage and waste. It is also worth a visit in the Japanese subway, it is one of the largest in the world. There are many more small sights, but you can find it on the streets of Tokyo or go to one of the interesting places.

About food: you can buy in the shops the usual food for us and cook at home (if you stayed in an apartment), you can also visit restaurants and inexpensive cafes (if you stayed at the hotel). There the cost will depend on your order. But it’s best to try traditional food and try sushi and compare. Japanese food is very diverse and worth trying.
In Japan, there is also very affordable and excellent shopping. It’s expensive, but it’s worth buying a couple of designer and original things from Japanese fashion.

​To visit Japan and not buy a real Japanese manga is simply not forgivable. You need to buy as a souvenir at least one volume of the popular manga. Or the figure of anime characters.
I think that Tokyo and Japan as a whole are one of the countries that must be visited at least once in their lives. This is an amazing country with its color, traditions, strangeness, its culture and its unique charm. I will definitely visit this country and I am sure that I will find many more interesting things and write about it. What do you think about this country?

Than to occupy itself in the plane

​If you like to travel the same way as I do, then you probably know that the most difficult flights are. They are with transplants, and there are also direct flights, but all this does not negate the fact that sometimes it takes a long and tedious flight. What then to do when the flight is long. And how do you deal with yourself in an airplane for long flights?
You should always have a small bag or backpacks so-called hand luggage, which you are allowed to take with you on the plane. In the backpack are stored all the necessary things during the flight: from medicines and ending with passports and tickets. Also in the backpack should be present such things as a smartphone, headphones and a book (you like to read), or a guide to the country where you go. You can also take a laptop with you.

​The first hours of flight will be more than tolerant, but then you need to come up with something and occupy yourself. It is worth to preload in the laptop some interesting film with a length of about two hours, or even a few films to distract for a while. If you are flying with transplants, then on the second transplant it is worth thinking about a dream that can cover you, especially if it’s night. Sleep on the plane normally will not succeed, but still worth a try.

​After you wake up, you can read the book with new strength, or look into the guide and learn something new about the country and its attractions. Well and further simply to try to occupy itself those a little on a sentry which remained to arrival of the plane. 😄😄

How to get ready for a trip

​Do you love to travel? I am very. But in order to fly somewhere on vacation you need to plan your trip to get ready for the road. Tell us how you are going on a journey.
1. To begin with, you need a solid, reliable backpack (no matter if you fly with your family or friends, it’s always easier to have your backpack for travel), preferably with more pockets and compartments.
2. The next stage is clothing. Here already on own taste and preferences. If you are flying for a short time (in the region of two weeks) you will be enough for everything at a minimum. It is not necessary to hammer a backpack with unnecessary things, this will complicate the trip and will be useless.
3. The next step is the first aid kit. She is the most important! You do not know how there in that country where you fly can be with medicine and therefore you need to pack the necessary pills in advance.
4. This camera, phone, headphones and other gadgets and accessories that will help you in the future journey.
5. Immediately download the Google Translate application. He will help you with the translation, because not every country knows English. Try downloading languages ​​offline if the memory of the smartphone helps.
6. Food for the first time. Choose food with the mind. So that it does not deteriorate, it is advisable to eat it immediately and buy everything at a minimum.
7. Next, it’s passports, passports, visas and money. This is all packed in the last place and go to a prominent place, so that later there would be no problems. With this you need to be extremely accurate and double-check several times.
8. Also, if necessary, buy a guide or look on the Internet how to get from the airport to the city in which you fly. This is important, there is never much more information.
Try to plan the trip already in advance or schedule a plan that you will clearly follow or try to adhere to. Assembling things on a long trip is very important. It will depend on your comfortable rest.


​Traveling is cool!

Do you like traveling? To me very much! But I visited only in many cities and countries and I plan to continue my journey. Where would you like to go from the very beginning if there was an opportunity? (Write in the comments)
I would like to go from the very beginning to Tokyo and Japan in particular. This country attracts me with its color, language, culture and long traditions. In general, I really love such great ultramodern megacities as New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and others. But sometimes there are moments that you want to retire, break away from this whole chaos somewhere there. Admire the sunset, look at the majestic mountains and the like.

​Then already visit China: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing. I really like traveling. This is incredibly inspiring!

Traveling on a sailboat is cool!

​Have you ever had a dream to take some yacht or a small sailboat and go on a round-the-world trip? Here I was and to this day remains. I would like to take a sailboat and go to sea. I do not know why, but I like sailboats more than any other kind of sea transport. The sailer itself is unique: it has an engine that often leads the sailboat into motion, but also a sail, which is its advantage over other ships, it can also propel the ship due to the force of the wind.

Alubat Ovni 395

​Having rummaged in the Internet I saw many different sailboats: from beautiful and huge to not very attractive to fast ones. But I still managed to find the version that I would like. It was the Alubat Ovni 395 sailboat. This sailboat combines maneuverability, speed, beautiful exterior and interior. Its design is simply superb, but the most important thing is that the whole body and the bottom are made of metal, which allows him to pass obstacles without fear of scratching or punching the bottom, which often happens with other ships. (I think this is also a huge advantage).
Dean it is about twelve meters, width-10.5 meters, sediment-2 meters. Alubat Ovni is the type of ships with which you can really go to the end of the world and not be afraid that it will break or else some trouble will happen. This sailboat is ideal for long trips.

Write in the comments, what do you think about this. Do you like traveling and how?