DJI Osmo

The best stabilizer? New gadget from DJI!

Do you often use stabilizers for cameras? This applies to professional video and photo shooting, so that the handset does not shake the smartphone. What do you mean by DJI? Almost everyone comes to mind the company for the production of professional drones and drones, which are removed from the height. But this company is also engaged in other areas, for example stabilizer-DJI OSMO!

This is a new product from DJI. This stabilizer makes it clear without blurring the photo and without jittering the video. Even when running, the picture does not flicker and does not spread out. The stabilizer itself consists essentially of two parts: a smartphone and nine component lens. He can shoot video in 4K. It rotates 360 ° and can be controlled in different directions. Control is carried out by means of joysticks and buttons which are on the handle. This accuracy is ensured by the unique super-fast DJI processor.

The stabilizer was also equipped with the latest technologies, which had previously been used in debts from this company. For example, the stabilizer can be connected via WIFI to the smartphone. Still here there is a function “follow the object”, as in DJI Mavic Pro and other drones. The camera has two removable batteries, which can hold a charge up to two hours. There are also three motors and a cooling fan.

The stabilizer itself costs about $ 100, the price is relatively small for such a stabilizer.
It turns out that you can shoot high-quality and original pictures not only from the height of the drones, but also in the hands you can take great pictures. It can be taken on a trip, because it takes very little place. I like this new gadget from DJI, and you?

Sony rx0

​The most durable action camera?

​Sony recently introduced one of its new products, this is another action packed camera with 4K shooting. But the manufacturer itself claims that this is not an action camera and it does not belong to such a class. But basically there is every reason to consider this camera an action.

I wanted to say that recently I registered in tumblr and I liked this application. I already managed to create my own blog and I want you to participate in it too. There will be even more interesting posts. So, who has a tumblr score in the search Konleekb and subscribe to the blog, write in the comments of their accounts, I also subscribe.

What is she like? This camera is somewhat similar to GoPro because of its appearance, and on this similarities end. It has a 1.5-inch screen, the touchscreen itself, and the interface control buttons are located around it. Also at the bottom there is a tripod mount. 

​The camera itself is framed in an aluminum coating, which makes it super tough. But there is still one or two disadvantages: firstly, this camera does not have any stabilization, neither optical nor digital, and generally no (and this, perhaps, is the reason that it can not be called an action camera); secondly, this is the same problem as in all GoPro cameras-it’s unnatural to hold in hands unlike the same action camera from Sony.

​The very camera rx0 is excellent. It is waterproof and can dive to a depth of 10 meters without an aquabox, it’s impressive! It is also protected from impacts and falls from a height of two meters. Thus, it can be used even in the harshest conditions. It shoots the camera as well, and basically all Sony cameras. This is its main advantage: compactness and excellent shooting. The camera can shoot super-slow shooting of 960-1000 frames per second. Also, the camera copes well with moving objects, removes 16 frames per second. The camera takes pictures without distortion. There is one more interesting thing: if you connect several rx0 cameras to each other, they will interact and shoot from different angles.

​How do you like Sony’s new original camera? It seems to me just great. You can take it with you on a trip and not be afraid that it will drown or be broken. This is a great camera! Write in the comments what you think about it. 

Google Pixel XL 2

​The fastest smartphone in the world? Finally, someone can compete with Sony and Apple?

​Relatively recently, google began to develop in the field of technology and promote its products to the market. It is a young company in this field, but with each new novelty and presentation of new gadgets, it reaches a new level ahead of its rivals and now it has already reached the leaders of the world market. Previously, I have not encountered, or rather, did not pay the same attention to google smartphones, but now, I think they are worthy of attention. Presentation of smartphones (their two: Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2) was held on October 4, 2017. New Google Pixel 2! (In the future we will talk about Google Pixel XL 2).
This smartphone runs on the Snapdragon 835 processor, like most new smartphones from Sony, which already speaks of its performance. This smartphone is very fast and works almost without delay. In this regard, it is faster than its competitors. Battery performance is 3500 mAh. The POLED screen is 6-inch, almost without frames, it covers almost the entire front of the smartphone. Now about the camera: 12 megapixels main and 8 megapixels frontal. The camera itself is almost identical to the cameras that stand on Sony’s smartphones, well, look at it. 

​The cameras of these smartphones are constantly similar to other competitors, even, for example, the first generation, whose camera was very similar to those that stand on Apple’s smartphones. I think they wanted to create something between Apple and Sony. Google you what? Can not you create your own design? I hope this will be fixed. Another thing that did not like it is the speaker: it’s too small and not very loud.

By the way, according to tests on the quality of the camera, Google Pixel 2 scored 98 points becoming a leader for a while (then it was surpassed by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with 100 points).

Yes, the camera here is really very good with optical stabilization and automatically selects the best frame, blur, portrait, background and many more additional functions. But what happens, Google with its smartphones ahead of Sony cameras on their smartphones? To be honest, it seems to me that the cameras are the same and will be able to compose each other’s competition in one or another dignity.

​But in general, the smartphone came out pretty good. From the search giant this could be expected. They really made a lot of changes and improvements to their smartphones. Oh, yes, I really liked the colors of these smartphones. This is very original. The price for this smartphone will start from $ 690.

​Tell us in the comments how you like this smartphone. I have nothing more to add. But still Sony smartphones seem to me a little better. In google smartphones feel a flaw, but very small and soon it will be able to compete fully with the best flagships.

#4:Language need not know to travel

​Ignorance of the language is not a problem. Travel!

​Now one of the most common problems of traveling abroad and even further this is strangely language. Ignorance of the English language or lack of knowledge restricts people to travel, although there are no other reasons for this. But you can handle this.
Previously, people before the journey bought dictionaries and learned the words and phrases of a certain language in the country where they keep their way. Or just strengthen their English. But now everything is much simpler. Some may not trust computers and digital systems. But in vain. Now there are a lot of transients on the Internet, but there is a risk. You can use the most reliable-Google Translate. This translator has made good progress and is working almost smoothly. The main thing is to have memory on your device. He translates from different languages, almost from all. You just need to download the language offline and without an Internet connection you can communicate and understand all that is written. It helps a lot. The main thing is that the battery on the smartphone is not discharged 😄😄

​It will not be superfluous to read even the basic words, concepts and key phrases. Ideally, of course, most know English, or little by little to learn the words of the country in which you are now. But this if in extreme cases, then you need to use Google Translate, which is very well proven. There are also cases when English is not very common in the country, then it really is necessary.

​So do not be frightened that you do not know the language, it should not stop you from traveling and the pleasures that they bring.


Train 580 km / hour! That’s cool!

​Basically when we travel abroad or in a certain country, we often choose planes, because they are much faster than any other transport. But what about the number of passengers? A plane can accommodate no more than 200 people. Therefore choose a train. It can carry more than 800 people and is much cheaper, but the time for the trip goes much more and because everyone chooses the plane. But what about the speed of the train 580 km / h?
Shinkansen is an electric train that moves from 300-to-580 km / h. They are in Japan and ply only on certain paved with a large number of rails. Shinkansen transport for the day more than 200.00 people! These are the fastest trains in the world. And they are one of the first who first broke all the records for speed for many years to come. The first lines and high-speed trains in Japan were built and put into operation in 1996. Soon around the world, they began to copy this technology and improve their electric trains. But the Japanese, too, did not stand on the spot and constantly updated their Shinkansen, and now no one can beat the record at a speed of 580 km / h.

​The Shinkansen lines are closed from 00:00 to 06:00, during this time, the lines are being prevented, at this time the lines for ordinary trains open, which almost parallel pass near the Sikansen lines. The Shinkansen train can consist of no more than 16 wagons, their length is about 25 meters. They are all perfectly air-conditioned and have modern toilets and wash basins, and there is also a dream for smoking. The seats can be rotated 360 °. For such long trains, the platforms were made appropriate. These trains deliver in a few hours to anywhere in Japan.

​Also, the Shinkansen are used outside of Japan, for example in Shanghai, where it is called the maglev. A distinctive feature of Shinkansen in Japan is their streamlined shape and a long nose. Due to this they move very quickly.
Shinkansen is a very good form of transport. It is slightly more expensive than conventional trains, but it’s worth it. I think this is a great replacement for the plane. What do you think?

Sony xperia xz1 compact

​Compact and best?

​In the market smartphones change very quickly and every six months new innovations are presented. We change smartphones every two years to a new and improved one. Also we look at the screen when choosing a smartphone. The larger the screen, the more features and the more features. But this on the other hand is not so good. Smartphones every year become more and more, and diagonals of displays reach 6 inches. And it’s not always convenient to carry such a huge smartphone in your pocket.

​Sony presented its novelty at the exhibition ifa 2017 and as always pleasantly surprised. Smartphone Sony xperia xz1 compact. This smartphone just 4.7 inches diagonal, but on the Snapdrsgon 835 processor, which already explains a lot. This small smartphone can what most smartphones do not even know how. It has all the functions of the senior flagships sony xperia xz1 and sony xperia xz premium, for example, the same Motion Eye camera that can do slow motion shooting. He is ahead of most smartphones for ten years as Sony can do it.
The main characteristics are:

  • Android 8.0
  • Processor Snapdragon 835
  • Battery for 2700 mAh
  • Camera for 19 megapixels, front for 13Mp 
  • 4GB of main memory and 32GB for built-inVes 143 grams.

You can also choose a color from four available: white-gray, blue, pink and black. Also there is one more original feature, which was on Sony xz1, it’s 3D Creator. Still here very powerful and “pure” stereo speakers as Sony usually does and it is very pleasing. Also, the smartphone is very suitable for travel because it is small in size, and also a very good camera that allows you to take very impressive pictures. It itself is rectangular with straight angles and decent thickness, which is characteristic only when Sony gives it its own charm and personality.

​How do you like the new Sony? How do you think, better than large smart phones or compact? I really like this smartphone, because it is compact, but it has such characteristics that on the market it is not equal now and will not be for a long time.

Honda Urban EV

​A new citycar from Honda! This have not happened before!

​Honda also introduced one of its new products in Frankfurt. This became an electric car Honda Urban EV. This is a completely new, on a new platform, citycar. It is somewhat reminiscent of the VW Golf, but basically the design and interior are peculiar and interesting. Also, the Japanese made their logo highlight the company’s logo: it will now be present on all cars, at least Honda.

​It is designed in retro style and it gives it a kind of charm. Inside, everything is much more interesting. The interior itself is crammed with wood, aluminum exhibitions and environmentally friendly materials. Only the steering wheel and the control pedals remained familiar to us. On the whole torpedo stretched a huge touch screen on which all information is displayed. Also new were the new screens, stretched out in the door maps, they will display the appearance of the side windows due to cameras and sensors. Another feature is that the doors open against the car.

​Citycar is so compactly compact, but it contains four people. The headlights are also completely new and look great. Vpepedi near the headlights displays information about charging the battery and the progress of the car. The dimensions of this car are not yet known, only that it will be on full power and charge very quickly.

Write in the comments as you have a new project from Honda and in general a new citycar.

Sony wf-1000x

Is Apple Airpods better? Noise-canceling headphones! The best wireless headphones!

​Sony brought to the exhibition ifa 2017 a number of new acoustic devices including wireless headphones Sony wf 1000x. The headphones became a real hit and became very popular among buyers.
Everyone knows that Sony produces the best headphones and their sound can not be compared to any competitors. Now Sony also surprised by a new chip: it’s noise reduction! Headphones automatically recognize what you are doing (go, go, wait in line and so on), they themselves regulate noise reduction and adapt to the environment. You can also manage and customize your headphones through the Sony IHeadphones Connect application.

​The most pleasant thing is that they are small, comfortable and firmly seated in the ears. Also you can receive and answer calls without occupying hands. Another reason for the function is the cover, which is included in the kit for recharging right on the go. It holds 9 hours of charge, and headphones 3 hours. It’s very convenient and you can charge them everywhere.

​But the most important question is that they will be able to compete with Apple’s AirPods? Do you want my opinion? This is better than AirPods much! These are the best headphones in my opinion. And how for you? Write in the comments.

Dji Mavic Pro Obsidian (2017)

​The best drone or not?

​Drones is a thing that makes the original and exciting video and photography. Drones are widely used in various fields, for example, in movies, in Hollywood. The most common company is dji. They produce very good and quality drones. Well, what if I say that there is almost the best drone after the Phantom 4 Pro?
This is the new dji mavik pro. This quadrupter is half the size of Phantom. It is also very compact due to folding wings, which allows it to fit into a backpack. However, the most interesting thing is that mavik pro managed to keep all the functions that phantom has, but mavik is much cheaper. The holder receives a full set of front and bottom sensors that allow tracking objects, evading obstacles, autonomous landing and maintaining stability in rooms in the absence of a satellite signal.

​Its disadvantage is the camera: it is slightly worse than the phantom. Removes in 4K video 30 frames / s m video clips 1080p at 96 frames / s. The viewing angle was also slightly smaller than that of the flagship model, in contrast to the 94, a viewing angle of 78 degrees. Also there is a three-axle suspension with a stabilization system like the flagship drones. Now in the updated version, which was presented on the ifa 2017 in Berlin, its battery can hold a charge up to 30 minutes. Its top speed is 65 km / h. Mavik had one problem: he made a lot of noise when taking off. But now this problem has been corrected by putting new blades and a new motor. Now the noise is 60% less.

​Also, it can transmit a video stream up to 7 kilometers via a new interface. The console also became more new and convenient, it resembles a game controller. Below is a smartphone for online broadcast. The drone costs about 1000 dollars.
I think the drone is an original thing. It allows you to shoot colorful landscapes and mesmerizing photos. It is suitable for travelers. This is an excellent drone and almost the best. But it seems to me that he still does not reach the flagship phantom.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

​The best fitness tracker? Is it worth it?

Recently an exhibition of the ifa 2017 in Berlin was held. There were a lot of interesting gadgets, but I did not like the Samsung tracker named gearfit 2 pro anymore. And how do you feel about fitness trackers write in the comments.

​In general, this is practically the same tracker that was presented in the middle of last year, but with minor changes. Its main feature and the main change is the protection against water, which now allows you to dive to a depth of 50 meters! The tracker is equipped with an AMOLED display with a diagonal of 1.5 inches. The amount of RAM is 0.5 GB, flash memory is 4 GB. Also there is Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and others. There is also a player for listening to music. The battery capacity is 200 mAh, and there is also an accelerometer, barometer, gyro and heart rate sensor. The weight of the device is 34 g. The price of the new tracker from Samsung will be no more than $ 200.

​I think this is a useful device especially for those who do sports or lead an active lifestyle. The tracker itself allows you to watch your pulse, pressure. Count your calories, count your sleep and talk about the other changes in your body. This is a very good device.