Mori teamLab

The world’s first museum of interactive art!

This museum will certainly not be boring. This is an original, colorful, technological museum of the future.


The museum is located in Tokyo on the island of Odaiba. On an area of 10 thousand square meters, he located 50 digital installations and entertainment. In this museum, the feeling of reality is completely lost and a sense of the immensity of the world appears.

2.Just touch it.

Not only is the museum interactive, it can still interact with people. When you touch an interactive surface, it reacts to touch, and when, for example, in one of the halls where the trees are depicted, a person comes in, they change color. And that’s not all. When you drink tea in one of the halls, a flower appears in the cup and as the cup tilts, it changes its shape.

All interactive surfaces work in real time.

3. Founder of teamLab Toshiyuki Inoko about it:

“Digital art is freed from the limitations of the material component. Feelings and thoughts placed in a work of art can now be conveyed to viewers through impression.” Well said.

4. Price

Entrance ticket costs 24 €. This museum is worth a visit. And I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Deer Opinion: When I am in Tokyo, I will definitely go there. This is an amazing museum that is simply breathtaking. This is really cool!


Smart furniture of a new generation! Bed-sphere!

Appliances and gadgets are developing very quickly, but the furniture also does not stand still. This is proof of Hican smart bed.


The bed is a cube 213 wide and long, 230 deep and 208 centimeters high. The color is black and white. But this is not just another smart bed, it is something more …

2. Functionality

There are many sensors installed in the bed, such as remembering your favorite sleep position, the duration of the backlight and adjusting the brightness, the sleep melody, and even sensitivity to snoring, which the bed prevents by raising the pillow a little! On the opposite side of the bed is a TV (screen projection). HD quality and four audio speakers from different angles allow you to enjoy watching your favorite movies and listening to music. There are also several types of backlighting: basic, for reading and for sleeping.

The bed also has USB ports


In addition to sensors, sensors with the following functions are installed in a smart bed:

  • Your presence
  • The weight
  • Humidity and air quality
  • Temperature
  • Noise level, brightness
  • Palpitations and general condition (with memory history)

4. Price

This bed is not cheap. Its cost is 36000 $. But with such functionality and uniqueness, it’s not a pity to give such money for it.

Deer opinion: the bed is very unusual, with the latest functionality, I would like to spend at least one night in it to compare the quality of my sleep and comfort.

Library Oodi

It will destroy your idea of libraries!

Basically, we are used to thinking that a library is an ordinary building on the outside and no different inside. Shelves and books alone … But not now! The Oodi tech library is something completely new.


The library was built recently and is located in the heart of the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The futuristic structure is very different from the rest of the buildings from the outside, primarily in its waveform. Building area 17,000 sq.m!

2. What’s interesting?

Surprisingly, the library itself does not have as many books as it could be, only 100,000. The rest of the space is occupied by a reading room, a cinema, spaces for teaching and conducting lectures, a restaurant, an exhibition hall, and even (what is striking) a recording studio. Here, for the first time in the world, robots for sorting books were installed, and the library itself is part of the integrated HelMet system (a single network of municipal libraries in the capital), thanks to which you can find more than 3.4 million books, all you need is to make an online request.

3. City view

Also on the level of the third floor there is a small terrace, which offers a stunning view of the city.

There are many glass structures in the interior, so that the line between the exterior and the interior is almost invisible.

Deer Opinion:

This is a very cool building and is definitely on the list of places to visit in the city. The library is not so unusual for its design, but for the opportunity to relax and work in a creative setting. Here, inspiration and ideas are directly rolling. If you are in Helsinki, necessarily to visit her.

DJI Osmo Pocket

Out of competition! New camera from DJI!

DJI again shocked the whole world with its new product, which was presented just a couple of days ago. This time it is a camera with its full 3-axis stabilizer! So, lets go!

The device itself is very compact and fits in a pocket, and its weight is only 116 grams.
As for the technical characteristics: a lens with a viewing angle of 80 degrees, a 12 megapixel camera that can shoot in 4K. In the device itself there is a touch screen and several physical buttons. The battery can hold at full power up to 140 minutes, and full charge is carried out for 70 minutes. Also present is a USB-C port. (You can connect your device directly to Osmo Pocket)

Also, Osmo Pocket includes all new software features from DJI:

  • FPV function (shooting from the first person)
  • Already familiar
  • Active Track (follow the object)
  • Panorama 3 × 3 (takes 9 quick shots and sticks them to one panorama)

These are just some of them, and there you will also find many little nice features. Also for this device there are many accessories ranging from waterproof case and ending with adapters for a microphone.

The sale will go on December 15 in the USA and will cost about $ 350.

And especially for this novelty, DJI developed the Mimo application, which allows you to view high-quality images and create more professional videos with camera movements prepared in advance, as well as edit, superimpose backgrounds and music, and make short stories, giving them personality.

DJI Osmo Pocket is a pretty good thing and will appeal to many people. I hope DJI will continue to create something very interesting and will often delight us with such novelties. Be sure to leave comments that you think about it.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

A new breakthrough from DJI!

Just a couple of hours ago, DJI presented at the exhibition in New York two new drones, more precisely, its two versions: DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro. Today we will only talk about the version of Pro. This is the most functional compact drone in the world at the moment. DJI Mavic 2 Pro!

This drone has received many different improvements compared to the previous generation DJI Mavic Pro. It has become more fluid and aerodynamic. He improved the battery and now the drone can fly for 31 minutes. The maximum speed is 72 km / h. The range of flight is 8 kilometers, and the altitude is 5-6 kilometers above sea level.

Also the camera has changed. 20 megapixels with triaxial stabilization, 1-inch CMOS matrix, 28 millimeters wide-angle lens of a new generation. Shoots with a frequency of 1/8000. Both versions of the drone shoot video in 4K

Also, the engines were made even more silent, but at the same time they became visually slightly larger. The sensors have increased. They can track obstacles from all sides and quickly maneuver. Also an additional screen was added to the control panel, which was removed to the DJI Mavic Air.

Dron received several types of automatic shooting: boomerang, an asteroid, following the object, in a straight line. In general, all other types of shooting are in other drones DJI. The price of a quadrocopter is $ 1449.

Dron turned out to be very good and as always breakthrough in this area. I like the company’s desire to make their drones better and more innovative each time. This drone must enter the class of professional quadrocopters, but what do you think?

Sony XZ2

Sony has changed the design of smartphones for many years! Frameless smartphone from Sony?! This is something!

So, already today began the exhibition MWS 2018 in Barcelona. (And it will last until March 1)

Some companies have already managed to present their novelties, including Sony, which will be discussed. She immediately introduced two smartphones: Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 compact. (Today we will only talk about the older version)

Well, let’s start with the most fundamental decision from Sony. This is design. Firstly, some elements, such as a mini-jack or a fingerprint scanner on the side-button on-off, were abandoned. The screen is 5.7 inches. This is the first frameless smartphone from Sony. Aspect ratio 18: 9. Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which is very pleased, few devices can please such.

The battery is 3180 mAh. The operative memory is 4GB, the main memory is 64GB. The camera is 19 megapixels, one of the best, the front one at 5.

The form of the smartphone has become slightly convex, which allows him to lie well in his hand. The entire smartphone is covered with a beautiful glass shell. Also here is a 3D scan as in the latest models from Sony. But a pleasant unexpected novelty was the Dynamic Vibration System. This is such a function that will vibrate in time with the music, the sound of games and watching clips and movies. It is very cool!

Another novelty is the support for wireless charging, but, true, it will require an adapter that is sold separately. Sales have been under pressure since the spring of this year.

Well, I think it’s an excellent smartphone, which, thanks to its though unaccustomed design, has become even better. But I did not like the fact that the scanner was transferred to the back panel, and when it was on the side button, it retained its own personality, or something. But basically I liked the smartphone very much. Sony makes the first innovations of its own and this is their huge plus.

Also soon there will be new posts from the exhibition MWC2018. There are many more interesting things!

DJI Mavic Air

This is undoubtedly the best drone in the world! Functions Phantom and compactness Mavic!

A week ago, the company DJI presented a new drone. Guys, I’ll say right away, this is a very cool drone. So, the new DJI Mavic Air!

The dron turned out to be very compact, even smaller than Spark when folded, but 41% easier than mavic pro. He has a camera with three-axis stabilization, which makes the pictures and camera clearer and smoother in transitions. The camera shoots at 4K resolution and records at 30 fps. Developers also offer six types of fast video shooting: Rocket, Dronie, Circle, Helix, Asteroid, Boomerang. (All these variants were also presented on Spark).

Also, the new mavic has another small, but worthwhile improvement: it received a revised cooling system to prevent the drone from overheating.

Like any drone from DJI, it is stuffed with all sorts of sensors, there are seven of them. Now the drone can track obstacles not only from the front and from the bottom, but also from behind. Also, he can fly around obstacles, and not stop in front of them. According to the producers, the drone sees 20 meters ahead. Another dron has two front legs, so that when the drone lands, the camera does not hit.

About speed: she’s just crazy for a drone-68 km / h! But that’s not pleased, so this is a battery, it holds a charge of just 21 minutes of flight. The maximum height for him is 5 km at sea level.

Also, the drone supports the management of gestures as in Spark. Ah, yes, one more little nice detail: joysticks on the control panel are unwound and can be removed so as not to catch on. Drone is available in three colors: white, black and red. The price for it will be around $ 790.

Well, how do you like the drone? For me, it’s just cool! A drone that boasts an excellent camera, compactness and even a few clever tricks, combining all the best from the previous drones. That’s it, this drone is perfect for traveling. He is the best! Even better Mavic Pro 😄😉

Lifepack-smart pack

Backpack on solar panels, able to recharge up to 6 times any smartphone?

Now, without gadgets, almost every person does not represent life and day. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, they all need sub-compression, and running time is limited. But what if you carry a backpack on solar panels, which at any time will be able to recharge any of your gadgets?

Lifepack is a backpack for everyday life, and even better, it is suitable for travel. In this backpack there are four hidden departments where you can store valuables. In one of them is a USB port for charging devices. It can recharge 12 times the IPhone 6! It also has many pockets, departments where you can lay down the right things. There is also such a special function for those who often drop things on the floor: at the bottom the backpack is filled with air and when it falls it protects the contents. Lifepack is made of waterproof fabric. One of the nice features is the built-in lock, which prevents theft (and still lock you can open the bottle). The price for it is $ 240.

I think this is an excellent backpack and one of those that I would take on a trip. Backpacks of this type I really like, and you?


Soon there will be no gasoline engines ?! Tesla is making the future right now!

You are familiar with Tesla. You probably already heard it somewhere. This is a company for the production of electric cars. It was founded in 2003 and belongs to its three founders, one of whom is Ilon Mask.

Their first electric vehicle was released in 2006 under the name Tesla Rodster. It was a small convertible on electric traction. It was not very popular and quite expensive even for an electric car. Soon Ilon Mask realized that this electric car did not bring much profit and did not pay off. Then they with the team decide to create a new family sedan, too, on electric traction. And then a few years later, they roll out a brand-new sedan with electric power under the name Tesla Model S. It immediately gained popularity among customers, the reason also became half the price for the Rodster. It cost about 50 thousand dollars. This family sedan has become a competitor to many elite companies, because Tesla itself is part of the premium car class. It has become a special car among others: it has overclocked up to a hundred as most sports car coupe, there is also no need for a cardan shaft because of what on the back row of seats there is no central tunnel. Also inside a lot of space because of the small engine, which is located near the rear wheels and feeds energy directly there.

If you liked this post and want to continue on this topic and individual posts regarding Tesla, this post should collect at least 40 likes.

Shortly thereafter, Tesla is releasing its new crossover too on electric traction. The main feature of these electric cars is the almost complete absence of mechanical buttons in the cabin, but only a huge display from where everything is controlled and implemented

And recently there was a presentation at which they presented a new wagon fully on electric traction and sports car, which can accelerate to hundreds in 2 seconds and speed to reach 400 km / h.

It seems to me that Tesla is making the future now. This can be judged by their electric cars, which overtake our time for fifty years. And what is better for you, the internal combustion engine or electric traction?

DJI Spark

Salfi-drone or still competitor DJI Mavic Pro?

Previously, we have already mentioned various drones and talked about one of them, and that without them the journey will not be so bright and memorable. Now we are talking about the smallest and most budgetary version in the line of drones from DJI.

DJI Spark is classified as a SELF-DRON because of its small size compared to other DJI drones, but can it also shoot full-fledged videos? Yes, he can do it, too. Also, he added new chips and technologies, which are not in the older drones.

Dron has five colors to choose from: red, yellow, blue, green and white.

It is often compared with DJI Mavic Pro, which before its appearance was the most compact semi-professional drone. DJI Spark has much smaller dimensions though its rays do not add up. Its weight is only 300 grams.

The camera itself is a two-axis camera with 12 megapixels, it shoots with a resolution in fullHD. The viewing angle is almost 90 °. She’s a bit inferior to Mavic, but she’s doing well too.

It’s only 3000 Mach, which means that it takes a short time, only about 16 minutes, it’s also less than the older drones.

It is also stuffed with sensors from all directions. It, like all drones DJI, klibretsya on the compass even before the start of departure, and even if you lose contact with him, he will return to the takeoff site. Flight may be 2 kilometers. Also, the sensors recognize the obstacle and it flies over them.

And here begins the most interesting. In DJI Spark there is something that is not in the other drones. Firstly, it is the control of the drones with the help of hand gestures. Yes, yes, it’s gestures. Since it is classified as self-dron, it can take photos and videos from different combinations.

  • Selfies- simply join the fingers in the frame and it will make the photo
  • PalmControl-drone in this mode will be able to move away, approach, go left-right according to the location of your hands.

One of its features is also intelligent QuickShot flight modes:

  1. Rocket is a vertical take-off and the camera looks straight down.
  2. The die-quadrupter flies away from you in reverse and slowly goes up, that is, diagonally.
  3. Circle- it will fly around the point you specified while staying at the same height.
  4. Helix is Take-off in a spiral around the indicated point.

It is also the only drone of DJI, which can be controlled by a smartphone due to data transfer via WIFI. But the flight range will be much less than with the remote control. Because of this, two sets of quadrocopter are also available.

Well, from this you can draw conclusions that DJI Spark is an excellent drone and is suitable for both photo and video shooting. It will be great to take along on a trip because of its small size and the ability to take great shots. Oh, yes, I forgot to say that this drone, unlike others, can fly straight from the hand and sit on it, enough to put a hand. And due to this he takes off in just thirty seconds. This is a great advantage. Also you can make small video clips and even movies and cuts. Immediately from there you can mount and upload to the network. Write in the comments that you think about it.