Mori teamLab

The world’s first museum of interactive art!

This museum will certainly not be boring. This is an original, colorful, technological museum of the future.


The museum is located in Tokyo on the island of Odaiba. On an area of 10 thousand square meters, he located 50 digital installations and entertainment. In this museum, the feeling of reality is completely lost and a sense of the immensity of the world appears.

2.Just touch it.

Not only is the museum interactive, it can still interact with people. When you touch an interactive surface, it reacts to touch, and when, for example, in one of the halls where the trees are depicted, a person comes in, they change color. And that’s not all. When you drink tea in one of the halls, a flower appears in the cup and as the cup tilts, it changes its shape.

All interactive surfaces work in real time.

3. Founder of teamLab Toshiyuki Inoko about it:

“Digital art is freed from the limitations of the material component. Feelings and thoughts placed in a work of art can now be conveyed to viewers through impression.” Well said.

4. Price

Entrance ticket costs 24 €. This museum is worth a visit. And I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Deer Opinion: When I am in Tokyo, I will definitely go there. This is an amazing museum that is simply breathtaking. This is really cool!

Transforming furniture

5 square meters: bedroom, living room, wardrobe. It is possible!

Now it’s becoming popular to save space anywhere: at home, in the office, in the warehouse, etc. Especially for this, transformers are designed to save space, but not to sacrifice comfort.

1. What is it?

About twenty years ago, they came up with a design when a bed reclined, but the architects did not stop there and began to create folding chairs, chairs, beds, even whole sets of tables and chairs, which can be folded into one monoblock. As a rule, such a design should occupy a minimum of space, but be comfortable enough for everyday life.

2. Buildings? Yes, It easy!

We also started designing apartments and houses where a living room, bedroom, kitchen and another room can fit on 25 sq.m. They also build houses of this type. More and more people begin to appreciate such functionality when the area is small, but sometimes they themselves cannot even understand how it was possible to fit something into such a small space.

3. Price

In fact, prices may vary and vary depending on the choice, but the average range is from $ 2,000 to $ 8,000.

Deer opinion: I would like to equip one room with such furniture, maybe just out of interest, but still it would benefit me. If you do not have much free space at home, then this furniture is just for you.

DJI Osmo Pocket

Out of competition! New camera from DJI!

DJI again shocked the whole world with its new product, which was presented just a couple of days ago. This time it is a camera with its full 3-axis stabilizer! So, lets go!

The device itself is very compact and fits in a pocket, and its weight is only 116 grams.
As for the technical characteristics: a lens with a viewing angle of 80 degrees, a 12 megapixel camera that can shoot in 4K. In the device itself there is a touch screen and several physical buttons. The battery can hold at full power up to 140 minutes, and full charge is carried out for 70 minutes. Also present is a USB-C port. (You can connect your device directly to Osmo Pocket)

Also, Osmo Pocket includes all new software features from DJI:

  • FPV function (shooting from the first person)
  • Already familiar
  • Active Track (follow the object)
  • Panorama 3 × 3 (takes 9 quick shots and sticks them to one panorama)

These are just some of them, and there you will also find many little nice features. Also for this device there are many accessories ranging from waterproof case and ending with adapters for a microphone.

The sale will go on December 15 in the USA and will cost about $ 350.

And especially for this novelty, DJI developed the Mimo application, which allows you to view high-quality images and create more professional videos with camera movements prepared in advance, as well as edit, superimpose backgrounds and music, and make short stories, giving them personality.

DJI Osmo Pocket is a pretty good thing and will appeal to many people. I hope DJI will continue to create something very interesting and will often delight us with such novelties. Be sure to leave comments that you think about it.

Golden Bridge

A bridge that holds giant stone hands ?!

In Vietnam, not far from Danang, a bridge was recently built, which can be called a miracle of architectural thought. So, drove.

The bridge was opened only recently, only this spring. From a distance it seems that huge hands support a small strip. In fact, the hands are a strong metal frame (and the old kind of a stone with moss-grown moss was given to it by the designers themselves), which keeps the bridge wriggling over them. There are also many colors along the bridge. Another of his chips is that from a distance the bridge seems curved, but its surface is completely level. This is another of the advantages that increases its value. This bridge is located at an altitude of 1414 meters above sea level, and its length is about 150 meters.

It was built almost a year and more than $ 2 billion was spent on its construction, even the authorities decided to attract investors (because the amount is impressive). Thus, the bridge can attract 1.5 million tourists a year.

The “Golden Bridge” has already gathered a lot of tourists and was made against its background of thousands of photographs. It’s really an impressive bridge. I would like to go there, do not you? Write in the comments

Top 10 best airports in the world

And you were in one of them?

Without preamble, just the 10 best airports in the world (according to the surveys of travelers), in which you can rest before waiting for your flight.

10. Beijing International Airport

This is the second busiest airport in the world. It annually misses 83.7 million passengers. The airport is also being completed and modernized. In terminal 3 there are different restaurants and fast food, all these institutions 72. Also there is a shopping area, duty free, different centers, banks and the like, and between the terminals there is a small express train.

9. Schiphol (Amsterdam International Airport)

This is the busiest airport in Europe. There are 5 runways here. There is an observation deck, a recreation area with TVs, a library, a games room for children, many shops and restaurants, retail outlets and a large shopping center.

8. Heathrow (London International Airport)

One of the largest airports in Europe. It serves over 90 airlines. There are also many shops, shopping centers and recreation areas, as well as 17 international hotels located close to the airport.

7. Vancouver International Airport.

It is one of the busiest airports in the country. It is located 12 kilometers from Vancouver. There is a recreation area, duty free and other useful things for waiting for your flight.

6.Munich, Germany

This is the second busiest airport in Germany. There are shopping centers, and there is also an international hotel. There is a park for those waiting, an observation deck, restaurants, shops, there is also a glassed terrace with sofas

5.Hamad, Qatar

One of the two leading airports in Qatar. Since the airport was built in the desert, it was made to look like an oasis with waterworks and vegetation.

4. Hong Kong International Airport

This airport has repeatedly won international awards as the best airport in the world. It serves more than 60 million passengers a year. This airport is one of the most convenient airports for passengers in the world. Simple layout and clear pointers. Also there are 2 elevators, a shopping and restaurant-entertainment center, a rooftop observation deck and an inexpensive restaurant.

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And now the three best airports in the world.

3. Haneda, Tokyo

It is one of two large airports serving Tokyo. This airport serves more than 78 million passengers a year. There are three terminals in which there is a six-storey restaurant, shopping centers, a large observation deck on the roof. In the second terminal there is a hotel, three elevators (two of them from the outside), recreation areas and much more.

2. Incheon, Seoul

Since 2005, this airport is recognized as the best by the version of the international airport council and each time receives the highest rating of five stars. There are 2 terminals in operation. Here, many security checks on each of them are for 8 sensors. In general, this airport is one of the best airports in the world.

1. Changi, Singapore

This is the best airport in the world! There are five terminals in it. Although he does not have the greatest gaps (65 million passengers a year), his interior is amazing. The facades and rooms are decorated in the style of a tropical city, there is a cinema and a restaurant Burger King. Also there is a fountain, a “green wall”, and on the roof there is a swimming pool! I think he deserves to be called the best.

Volvo S60 (2018)


One of these days company Volvo presented a new sedan Volvo S60. The presentation took place in America on the occasion of the opening of the first Volvo factory there. The novelty turned out to be dynamic, sporty and at the same time elegant. So, let’s go on to look at the new Volvo S60.

In general, its exterior is similar to the previous Volvo models of recent years. This sedan turned out to be sportier than its older S90 class. Its size:

  • The length is 4761 mm.
  • The width is 2040 mm.
  • The height is 2872 mm.

Inside, the interior is also recognizable by the latest Volvo models, but more refined. In the middle near the dashboard is a multifunctional multimedia large screen Sensus Connect, which supports communication with 4G. Convenient in the grasp of the steering wheel, a virtual instrument panel and soft leather seats with headrests make the ride even more comfortable. On the back row of seats, a couch for three passengers, but maybe for two, throwing back the armrest. Also included is a large panoramic sunroof.

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All cars of this company were famous for their safety, and here too it was not without it. All kinds of sensors from which you can identify the safety system City Safety, semi-automatic pilot Pilot Assist, which insures the driver and does not allow you to drive to the roadside or oncoming lane, and also brake if you see the danger of collision.

Also this is the first Volvo car, which will not have diesel engines, hybrids will replace me. This is due to the fact that Volvo is going to completely make their cars on electric traction.

The company Volvo every time to improve their cars by introducing something new. Volvo is safe and reliable. Do you like this sedan or do not you like cars at all? Write necessarily in the comments.👇

Five-foot bridge

Another extreme bridge in China ?!

This time it is no longer a glass bridge or an observation deck. This is something else.

Recently, near the city of Chongqing opened a new bridge for fans of something unusual. This bridge is like a path of 152 meters on which the boards are located at a certain distance from each other. These boards can also move up to two meters from the other. Given this, the entire structure is at a height above the abyss. A person must jump over these boards to get to the opposite edge of the bridge. Also, a safety rope is tied to a person and nothing else.

It is best to walk in firmly fixed shoes or at all without it as some do, because it can fall down

Would you like to walk on such a bridge? I’d like to try. Write in the comments that you think about it.

Do you go to the gym? And how do you get better?

Do you like sports?

I started going to the gym when I turned 15 years old. And it all started with the fact that I did not want to study at home, I did not have any motivation, it was not interesting for me, I wanted to go to the hall. And then my father decided to take me to the gym. Since I did not know anything there, what and how to do and what exercises to perform, my father hired me a coach. From the first lesson, I received a lot of fun and strong krepaturu throughout the body. Since then, I started actively studying and regularly attending the hall three or four times a week. And how did you first visit the gym?

I do not know about you, but I go to the hall not only to keep fit, no, it’s something more. I go to the gym to escape at least for a couple of hours from the rest of the world, to focus only on themselves, to forget about all the problems and only hear the music in my ears and feel the pain in the muscles. I also go to the gym to get better, better than the last workout, improve, because that is where I am what I am and that is where hardened willpower and ability to achieve their goals.

I also have my idols, those on whom I equals. I believe that everyone should have people on whom they are leveled, so that he himself becomes better. I am also motivated by my coach, and the most important motivator in my head, which says: “I will never give up if I start, go to the end, no matter how hard it is for you”

Write in the comments what you think about it. And what motivates you most and what kind of sports do you do?

is there music in your life?

What kind of music do you listen to?
Everyone has his own tastes and preferences. The same goes for music. Everyone chooses to his liking and how he likes. And what is your favorite music?
The choice of music also depends on the mood and time of the day. I listen to music of different genres. In the morning, most often I listen to such invigorating, for example, rock or heavy metal. Throughout the day, more such a positive, and in the evening-quiet, like, rap.
Music can be very motivating. Or just a track, but it’s motivation words. Usually, I listen to this kind of music (like rock and motivation) before training in order to tune in, and W is the time for training, so that there is more strength and not stopping, but moving forward.
Do you like music? What do you like to listen to, write in the comments.

Best in business

You can do it!

Everyone, probably, has something that he does well and is better than others. But there are also people who do it better than you. How to become the best in your business?

The best is always to become very difficult. We are used to doing what we do and simply do not want to further develop, improve, that is, get out of our comfort zone. This is not always good. We think that we are doing a certain thing well enough to further improve, but it is not. For sure there will be people who will be able to do this business better than you.

The basis for becoming better, you need a specific goal, a dream. Second, this is who you equal. There must be a person or several people who at the moment is better than you in the business that you like. This will give you a desire. Start with small goals and gradually achieve your result. Goals should be diverse and vary in their level of complexity. Everything depends on you.

The desire to become better than others and become the best in the business that you like, this is very difficult. You need to be completely sure whether you need it. If yes, go ahead to the goal! Obstacles are created only in order to become stronger. We can do it! Become the best in your business!