Library Oodi

It will destroy your idea of libraries!

Basically, we are used to thinking that a library is an ordinary building on the outside and no different inside. Shelves and books alone … But not now! The Oodi tech library is something completely new.


The library was built recently and is located in the heart of the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The futuristic structure is very different from the rest of the buildings from the outside, primarily in its waveform. Building area 17,000 sq.m!

2. What’s interesting?

Surprisingly, the library itself does not have as many books as it could be, only 100,000. The rest of the space is occupied by a reading room, a cinema, spaces for teaching and conducting lectures, a restaurant, an exhibition hall, and even (what is striking) a recording studio. Here, for the first time in the world, robots for sorting books were installed, and the library itself is part of the integrated HelMet system (a single network of municipal libraries in the capital), thanks to which you can find more than 3.4 million books, all you need is to make an online request.

3. City view

Also on the level of the third floor there is a small terrace, which offers a stunning view of the city.

There are many glass structures in the interior, so that the line between the exterior and the interior is almost invisible.

Deer Opinion:

This is a very cool building and is definitely on the list of places to visit in the city. The library is not so unusual for its design, but for the opportunity to relax and work in a creative setting. Here, inspiration and ideas are directly rolling. If you are in Helsinki, necessarily to visit her.

The great Wall of China

​This is one of the places on Earth that is breathtaking.

​This is the largest architectural monument that was built from the 3rd century BC and ended in 1644 AD. This great construction passes through northern China for 8,851.9 km. The thickness of the great wall in general does not exceed 5-8 meters, and the height is usually 6-7 meters. At the very wall is a very large and impressive story, which stretches from a long time ago. She survived many dynasties, including wars from which this wall was built. The wall itself was destroyed in some places, but now it is completely restored.

The wall has stood for many centuries due to the fact that it is constantly restored, but very soon it may not be, for some reason, that have their meaning. The wall is very ancient, and to maintain it in good condition you need a lot of money, but that’s not the problem. And the fact that the wall is stolen, more precisely, they take stones from it for construction or to sell. For this, a very large fine is taken, but this still does not stop. But, I think, the wall will remain for many more centuries if it is taken care of and will have to be restored. This is the greatest monument of architecture.

​The wall entered one of the new wonders of the world and it is the only building in the world that can be seen from outer space. The wall was also included in the UNESCO world heritage. The Chinese are very revered by this landmark and are simply very proud of it.
Also it became a very popular attraction and symbol of the whole of China. Well, you will agree that it would be foolish to be in Beijing and not to visit the Great Wall of China. Basically, tourists are taken to a part that is not far from Beijing, and what about the rest? There’s almost all the same. This wall is very impressive. When you get here and you look at it all, you understand how difficult it was to build this wall. Also, standing here, she truly captures the spirit of her some special atmosphere. How many centuries have passed, how many centuries have passed, how many wars it has experienced and how many people have come here and how many will still come …

​In general, this wall is just something. You need to visit at least once in your life and look at it. That feeling that you are experiencing is unforgettable.

Spring Buddha

The biggest Buddha in the world?

On requests to publish more material about the Buddhas of the whole world, in particular for my subscriber.

​”Spring Buddha” is the largest Buddha in the world. Its height is 128 meters! And with a pedestal in the form of a lotus 153 meters. There is a statue in Henan, China. It was built in 2002. $ 18 million went into building it. She entered the Anglo-British project of Maitreya.

​The statue is no longer remarkable, but its height and detailing of all parts of the body is amazing. The statue took about 1000 pieces of copper and special alloy. This statue is the most immense Buddha statue that existed in the world and up to now. I think that this statue is worth seeing if you are in China.
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Statue of Christ the Redeemer

​One of the best wonders of the world?

​The statue of Jesus Christ is in Rio de Janeiro. This is one of the most beautiful new wonders of the world. It is located on Mount Korkavadu. Christ stands on top with arms outstretched.

​Its height is 38 meters, the range of arms is 28 meters, weight-635 tons. This statue of Christ the Redeemer became the symbol of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil as a whole. The statue is constantly repaired and restored, because it is the object of lightning strikes (about four times a year). The statue is also equipped with a backlight and is constantly improving.

​It seems to me that this is one of the best wonders of the world and one of the most exciting places on the planet. I also think that this statue covers the whole of Rio and the world as a whole, and God protects it.



Shibuya is one of the central and main areas of Tokyo. Here is the busiest intersection in the world. Here are concentrated several of the largest skyscrapers in Japan. Also here, the largest organizations and their buildings are dispersed. This place is very suitable for shopping: there are a lot of boutiques and fashionable world brands. Not unlike another district of Tokyo Ginza, this area is more youthful and lively.

This crossroad also has many attractions, most notably the statue of the Hachiko dog, which is set on the square, it is very much appreciated and it has become one of the main meeting places. Also here is the Meiji Temple, bordered by woodland, and erected in honor of the Emperor Meiji, who once ruled Japan. There is also a huge park here. On Shibuya is located many more attractions that are worth paying attention to.

Modern traditional houses in Japanese style

Would you like to live in a Japanese traditional house? Where used to live samurai themselves … This desire and this thought arose practical for everyone. Almost all this exteriors and the interior of this traditional Japanese house with a sloping and curved roof evokes an impression.

Previously, with such traditional houses lived almost everything. But the traditional houses differed in their structure: the interior and the exterior. The poor lived in ordinary non-primitive houses, and influential people, officials, statesmen, and strong samurai under the patronage of the shogun, and other wealthy townspeople lived in houses already richer: there were many rooms, terraces and so on. Roofs also trimmed from more expensive drunk materials. Even there were houses and two-story glies were already more and more expensive.

Modern Japanese houses in the traditional style:
Tatami, soft mats, walls made of paper partitions … It’s beauty! In modern Japanese traditional houses, a TV set, Internet and a computer are switched on, there are also prefixes and other electronics. In houses of Japanese style should be present: one large bedroom, living room, kitchen, rest rooms, terrace, garden and so on.

In a traditional Japanese house you will not find ordinary beds, tables or chairs that are usual for us. Here everything is different. You will sleep on special soft and thick mattresses instead of beds, and dine at a low table and chairs folding their one half and back. But it’s worth it to learn the true culture of Japan.