Five-foot bridge

Another extreme bridge in China ?!

This time it is no longer a glass bridge or an observation deck. This is something else.

Recently, near the city of Chongqing opened a new bridge for fans of something unusual. This bridge is like a path of 152 meters on which the boards are located at a certain distance from each other. These boards can also move up to two meters from the other. Given this, the entire structure is at a height above the abyss. A person must jump over these boards to get to the opposite edge of the bridge. Also, a safety rope is tied to a person and nothing else.

It is best to walk in firmly fixed shoes or at all without it as some do, because it can fall down

Would you like to walk on such a bridge? I’d like to try. Write in the comments that you think about it.

Symphony of the seas

More the biggest liner in the world ?! A new world record!

The company Royal Carribean decided not to stop there and build an even larger liner than its predecessor Harmony of the seas. The new ship was launched on June 9, 2017. So, what is the newest liner of the world?

It has 18 decks, its length is 362 meters, 65 meters wide, the ship can develop a speed of 22 knots. The ship accommodates 6,780 passengers and 2,175 crew.

The ship will provide passengers with a choice of 2,775 cabins that are divided into types: inland, cabins with windows, cabins with balconies, suites. All cabins have a TV, telephone, private bathroom, shower, dressing table and hairdryer. And the fastest Internet connection operates on the entire ship.

The new liner has 20 restaurants and bars. There are restaurants of Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican cuisine and others. There are also bars of the future, in which instead of people are installed robots that make you the perfect cocktail.

Of the new entertainment here is:

  • “land” hill in a length of 10 decks.
  • Trio of the fastest hills: “Typhoon”, “Cyclone” and “Hurricane”
  • Outdoor amphitheater
  • Huge park with living plants and trees
  • Zipline

There is also Casino Royal. Bars, lounges, karaoke bar and much more. Different shows on the ice, aqua shows and this is only a small part of what you see there.

Still here there are 2 simulators of surfing, all the walls for rock climbing (each of 13 meters).

Spa centers, 5 swimming pools, 10 jacuzzis. Also there is an excellent fitness center, and most importantly a full-sized basketball court!

But the ticket for this liner is not cheap. Approximate cost is 1000 €.

Would you like to visit this liner? Write in the comments what you think about this.

Do you go to the gym? And how do you get better?

Do you like sports?

I started going to the gym when I turned 15 years old. And it all started with the fact that I did not want to study at home, I did not have any motivation, it was not interesting for me, I wanted to go to the hall. And then my father decided to take me to the gym. Since I did not know anything there, what and how to do and what exercises to perform, my father hired me a coach. From the first lesson, I received a lot of fun and strong krepaturu throughout the body. Since then, I started actively studying and regularly attending the hall three or four times a week. And how did you first visit the gym?

I do not know about you, but I go to the hall not only to keep fit, no, it’s something more. I go to the gym to escape at least for a couple of hours from the rest of the world, to focus only on themselves, to forget about all the problems and only hear the music in my ears and feel the pain in the muscles. I also go to the gym to get better, better than the last workout, improve, because that is where I am what I am and that is where hardened willpower and ability to achieve their goals.

I also have my idols, those on whom I equals. I believe that everyone should have people on whom they are leveled, so that he himself becomes better. I am also motivated by my coach, and the most important motivator in my head, which says: “I will never give up if I start, go to the end, no matter how hard it is for you”

Write in the comments what you think about it. And what motivates you most and what kind of sports do you do?

Learjet 75

Jet business aircraft ?! 860 km / hour! 15 km above ground level ?!

The Learjet 75 is a relatively small jet business jet produced by Learjet Bombardier. Which can reach speeds of up to 860 km / h!

Some choose huge air liners that fly long distances and take a lot of fuel, but the Learjet 75 can fly for relatively small distances (up to 4000 km without refueling). This is quite enough, especially since the speed can even exceed the speeds of some airliners. And most importantly, this aircraft can climb to a height of up to 15 km above the ground! Which is more than bolinstvo planes.

Let’s start right from the salon. It has 8 comfortable seats. The floor is completely flat, which makes it possible to comfortably move around the airplane during the flight. It is worth noting that the noise insulation is at a high level. Even the sliding doors are noise-proof from the cockpit of the pilot. Near each seat there are folding tables, and retractable tablets. High-speed Internet will allow you to immediately conduct online broadcasts, watch movies or play online games. Also from the tablet you can control the settings of the seats, lights, sound and the like. On board there is also a microwave, ice boxes for champagne and much more.

Every Learjet is better than the previous one. They integrate the most advanced technologies and rethink and redesign the design.

I will not load you with all the advanced technologies that are used for the safety of aircraft maintenance and comfort for the pilot, but I will simply say that safety is at the highest level.

By the way, the design of the aircraft wing is the best in its class. It makes the flight smoother and more comfortable. And thanks to the new engines, fuel consumption has become less.

Range map:

  • Dubai-Hong Kong
  • New Delhi-Tokyo
  • Los Angeles-New York-Miami
  • Singapore-Beijing

I really liked this plane. For business meetings or to fly from one place to another, it’s the thing. For travel, it also fits. I think this is a good choice for business people. How about you? Write necessarily in the comments.

News in a new form or not?

Hi! I have a new idea for a blog. To make it more interesting to read it, I decided to introduce a new function AirTidings. This is a kind of news over the past week related to technology, new interesting gadgets, cars and other things. Do you think this is a good idea? Everything depends on you. Will this function take place in the blog or not. Go to my Twitter page and vote. And who does not have this social network, just put it on this post. (If you get 40 likes, this function will take effect from the next week).

Sony XZ2

Sony has changed the design of smartphones for many years! Frameless smartphone from Sony?! This is something!

So, already today began the exhibition MWS 2018 in Barcelona. (And it will last until March 1)

Some companies have already managed to present their novelties, including Sony, which will be discussed. She immediately introduced two smartphones: Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 compact. (Today we will only talk about the older version)

Well, let’s start with the most fundamental decision from Sony. This is design. Firstly, some elements, such as a mini-jack or a fingerprint scanner on the side-button on-off, were abandoned. The screen is 5.7 inches. This is the first frameless smartphone from Sony. Aspect ratio 18: 9. Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which is very pleased, few devices can please such.

The battery is 3180 mAh. The operative memory is 4GB, the main memory is 64GB. The camera is 19 megapixels, one of the best, the front one at 5.

The form of the smartphone has become slightly convex, which allows him to lie well in his hand. The entire smartphone is covered with a beautiful glass shell. Also here is a 3D scan as in the latest models from Sony. But a pleasant unexpected novelty was the Dynamic Vibration System. This is such a function that will vibrate in time with the music, the sound of games and watching clips and movies. It is very cool!

Another novelty is the support for wireless charging, but, true, it will require an adapter that is sold separately. Sales have been under pressure since the spring of this year.

Well, I think it’s an excellent smartphone, which, thanks to its though unaccustomed design, has become even better. But I did not like the fact that the scanner was transferred to the back panel, and when it was on the side button, it retained its own personality, or something. But basically I liked the smartphone very much. Sony makes the first innovations of its own and this is their huge plus.

Also soon there will be new posts from the exhibition MWC2018. There are many more interesting things!

DJI Mavic Air

This is undoubtedly the best drone in the world! Functions Phantom and compactness Mavic!

A week ago, the company DJI presented a new drone. Guys, I’ll say right away, this is a very cool drone. So, the new DJI Mavic Air!

The dron turned out to be very compact, even smaller than Spark when folded, but 41% easier than mavic pro. He has a camera with three-axis stabilization, which makes the pictures and camera clearer and smoother in transitions. The camera shoots at 4K resolution and records at 30 fps. Developers also offer six types of fast video shooting: Rocket, Dronie, Circle, Helix, Asteroid, Boomerang. (All these variants were also presented on Spark).

Also, the new mavic has another small, but worthwhile improvement: it received a revised cooling system to prevent the drone from overheating.

Like any drone from DJI, it is stuffed with all sorts of sensors, there are seven of them. Now the drone can track obstacles not only from the front and from the bottom, but also from behind. Also, he can fly around obstacles, and not stop in front of them. According to the producers, the drone sees 20 meters ahead. Another dron has two front legs, so that when the drone lands, the camera does not hit.

About speed: she’s just crazy for a drone-68 km / h! But that’s not pleased, so this is a battery, it holds a charge of just 21 minutes of flight. The maximum height for him is 5 km at sea level.

Also, the drone supports the management of gestures as in Spark. Ah, yes, one more little nice detail: joysticks on the control panel are unwound and can be removed so as not to catch on. Drone is available in three colors: white, black and red. The price for it will be around $ 790.

Well, how do you like the drone? For me, it’s just cool! A drone that boasts an excellent camera, compactness and even a few clever tricks, combining all the best from the previous drones. That’s it, this drone is perfect for traveling. He is the best! Even better Mavic Pro 😄😉

is there music in your life?

What kind of music do you listen to?
Everyone has his own tastes and preferences. The same goes for music. Everyone chooses to his liking and how he likes. And what is your favorite music?
The choice of music also depends on the mood and time of the day. I listen to music of different genres. In the morning, most often I listen to such invigorating, for example, rock or heavy metal. Throughout the day, more such a positive, and in the evening-quiet, like, rap.
Music can be very motivating. Or just a track, but it’s motivation words. Usually, I listen to this kind of music (like rock and motivation) before training in order to tune in, and W is the time for training, so that there is more strength and not stopping, but moving forward.
Do you like music? What do you like to listen to, write in the comments.

It was a great year!

Thank you!
Well, this year has already come to an end. There were many interesting and fascinating things in it. For me, this year was not like the others. In short, thank you to everyone for supporting me, for keeping up my posts and writing great comments thus motivating me. And I’m very glad that you like what I write. Next year I promise that the content will be more diverse and exciting. This year we collected about 350 subscribers, thank you all very much for this, without you this blog would not be so interesting. And my goal next year is to get 1000 subscribers. And I am sure that we will do it. And what are your goals for the next year?
Thank you very much once again and with the upcoming holidays you. Let’s be better next year than this and we will reach a new level of our capabilities in any spheres.
There are so many new things about which you can write and make a great post. Thank you all!

Best in business

You can do it!

Everyone, probably, has something that he does well and is better than others. But there are also people who do it better than you. How to become the best in your business?

The best is always to become very difficult. We are used to doing what we do and simply do not want to further develop, improve, that is, get out of our comfort zone. This is not always good. We think that we are doing a certain thing well enough to further improve, but it is not. For sure there will be people who will be able to do this business better than you.

The basis for becoming better, you need a specific goal, a dream. Second, this is who you equal. There must be a person or several people who at the moment is better than you in the business that you like. This will give you a desire. Start with small goals and gradually achieve your result. Goals should be diverse and vary in their level of complexity. Everything depends on you.

The desire to become better than others and become the best in the business that you like, this is very difficult. You need to be completely sure whether you need it. If yes, go ahead to the goal! Obstacles are created only in order to become stronger. We can do it! Become the best in your business!