The most popular tourist destinations next year

Where to go on a trip in 2018? Traveling is always good, especially if you know where you need to go next year. So, this is the list of the most popular tourist destinations in 2018. Top seven opens the Korean city of Gangneung (I personally have not heard anything about this city😄😄). Soon there will be the Winter Olympic Games, so the popularity of this city will begin to grow rapidly. In sixth place is the city of Bournemouth, which is in England. Its peculiarity is that this city is atypical for England and represents a warm climate and … Continue reading The most popular tourist destinations next year


Recently I created my own page on Twitter and I want to invite you to it. There will be polls, interesting videos and photos from new posts. In short, it will be interesting. And, guys, I need your help, without you this page will not be so bright, interesting and rich. Because who is interested, here’s a link to my page, or or hammer into a twitter search @Konlee6, or search to google😄😉 Continue reading Subscribe!