Mori teamLab

The world’s first museum of interactive art!

This museum will certainly not be boring. This is an original, colorful, technological museum of the future.


The museum is located in Tokyo on the island of Odaiba. On an area of 10 thousand square meters, he located 50 digital installations and entertainment. In this museum, the feeling of reality is completely lost and a sense of the immensity of the world appears.

2.Just touch it.

Not only is the museum interactive, it can still interact with people. When you touch an interactive surface, it reacts to touch, and when, for example, in one of the halls where the trees are depicted, a person comes in, they change color. And that’s not all. When you drink tea in one of the halls, a flower appears in the cup and as the cup tilts, it changes its shape.

All interactive surfaces work in real time.

3. Founder of teamLab Toshiyuki Inoko about it:

“Digital art is freed from the limitations of the material component. Feelings and thoughts placed in a work of art can now be conveyed to viewers through impression.” Well said.

4. Price

Entrance ticket costs 24 €. This museum is worth a visit. And I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Deer Opinion: When I am in Tokyo, I will definitely go there. This is an amazing museum that is simply breathtaking. This is really cool!

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