Smart furniture of a new generation! Bed-sphere!

Appliances and gadgets are developing very quickly, but the furniture also does not stand still. This is proof of Hican smart bed.


The bed is a cube 213 wide and long, 230 deep and 208 centimeters high. The color is black and white. But this is not just another smart bed, it is something more …

2. Functionality

There are many sensors installed in the bed, such as remembering your favorite sleep position, the duration of the backlight and adjusting the brightness, the sleep melody, and even sensitivity to snoring, which the bed prevents by raising the pillow a little! On the opposite side of the bed is a TV (screen projection). HD quality and four audio speakers from different angles allow you to enjoy watching your favorite movies and listening to music. There are also several types of backlighting: basic, for reading and for sleeping.

The bed also has USB ports


In addition to sensors, sensors with the following functions are installed in a smart bed:

  • Your presence
  • The weight
  • Humidity and air quality
  • Temperature
  • Noise level, brightness
  • Palpitations and general condition (with memory history)

4. Price

This bed is not cheap. Its cost is 36000 $. But with such functionality and uniqueness, it’s not a pity to give such money for it.

Deer opinion: the bed is very unusual, with the latest functionality, I would like to spend at least one night in it to compare the quality of my sleep and comfort.

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