Transforming furniture

5 square meters: bedroom, living room, wardrobe. It is possible!

Now it’s becoming popular to save space anywhere: at home, in the office, in the warehouse, etc. Especially for this, transformers are designed to save space, but not to sacrifice comfort.

1. What is it?

About twenty years ago, they came up with a design when a bed reclined, but the architects did not stop there and began to create folding chairs, chairs, beds, even whole sets of tables and chairs, which can be folded into one monoblock. As a rule, such a design should occupy a minimum of space, but be comfortable enough for everyday life.

2. Buildings? Yes, It easy!

We also started designing apartments and houses where a living room, bedroom, kitchen and another room can fit on 25 sq.m. They also build houses of this type. More and more people begin to appreciate such functionality when the area is small, but sometimes they themselves cannot even understand how it was possible to fit something into such a small space.

3. Price

In fact, prices may vary and vary depending on the choice, but the average range is from $ 2,000 to $ 8,000.

Deer opinion: I would like to equip one room with such furniture, maybe just out of interest, but still it would benefit me. If you do not have much free space at home, then this furniture is just for you.

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