Library Oodi

It will destroy your idea of libraries!

Basically, we are used to thinking that a library is an ordinary building on the outside and no different inside. Shelves and books alone … But not now! The Oodi tech library is something completely new.


The library was built recently and is located in the heart of the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The futuristic structure is very different from the rest of the buildings from the outside, primarily in its waveform. Building area 17,000 sq.m!

2. What’s interesting?

Surprisingly, the library itself does not have as many books as it could be, only 100,000. The rest of the space is occupied by a reading room, a cinema, spaces for teaching and conducting lectures, a restaurant, an exhibition hall, and even (what is striking) a recording studio. Here, for the first time in the world, robots for sorting books were installed, and the library itself is part of the integrated HelMet system (a single network of municipal libraries in the capital), thanks to which you can find more than 3.4 million books, all you need is to make an online request.

3. City view

Also on the level of the third floor there is a small terrace, which offers a stunning view of the city.

There are many glass structures in the interior, so that the line between the exterior and the interior is almost invisible.

Deer Opinion:

This is a very cool building and is definitely on the list of places to visit in the city. The library is not so unusual for its design, but for the opportunity to relax and work in a creative setting. Here, inspiration and ideas are directly rolling. If you are in Helsinki, necessarily to visit her.

5 thoughts on “Library Oodi

  1. Oh wow, this is absolutely incredible! I’m surprised there are only 100,000 books though. The architecture is stunning, never seen a building like it before. I love my local library, so I think if I ever visited this one I’d never want to leave!
    Caz x

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