DJI Osmo Pocket

Out of competition! New camera from DJI!

DJI again shocked the whole world with its new product, which was presented just a couple of days ago. This time it is a camera with its full 3-axis stabilizer! So, lets go!

The device itself is very compact and fits in a pocket, and its weight is only 116 grams.
As for the technical characteristics: a lens with a viewing angle of 80 degrees, a 12 megapixel camera that can shoot in 4K. In the device itself there is a touch screen and several physical buttons. The battery can hold at full power up to 140 minutes, and full charge is carried out for 70 minutes. Also present is a USB-C port. (You can connect your device directly to Osmo Pocket)

Also, Osmo Pocket includes all new software features from DJI:

  • FPV function (shooting from the first person)
  • Already familiar
  • Active Track (follow the object)
  • Panorama 3 × 3 (takes 9 quick shots and sticks them to one panorama)

These are just some of them, and there you will also find many little nice features. Also for this device there are many accessories ranging from waterproof case and ending with adapters for a microphone.

The sale will go on December 15 in the USA and will cost about $ 350.

And especially for this novelty, DJI developed the Mimo application, which allows you to view high-quality images and create more professional videos with camera movements prepared in advance, as well as edit, superimpose backgrounds and music, and make short stories, giving them personality.

DJI Osmo Pocket is a pretty good thing and will appeal to many people. I hope DJI will continue to create something very interesting and will often delight us with such novelties. Be sure to leave comments that you think about it.

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