Sky Mile Tower

The tallest skyscraper in the world! Twice as many as the Burj Khalifa! 1700 meters.

In Tokyo, plan to build the highest skyscraper in the world Sky Mile Tower!

The building will be built on the southeast coast of Tokyo. It will be a whole complex with unique artificial islands surrounding the skyscraper. The complex will accommodate up to half a million people, and in the very skyscraper will be able to work and live 55 thousand people. This project will give a good discharge of the overpopulated capital of Japan.

The shape of the new skyscraper will be hexagonal, which makes the building more resistant to gusts of wind and natural disasters. In this huge skyscraper will be located hotels sports centers, libraries, shops, restaurants, offices and others. Elevators will be superfast, and, presumably, also horizontal.

The project is planned to be completed by 2045. This is not soon, but I’m sure that this building will be one of the tallest in the future and someday I will definitely visit this complex. Write in the comments, what do you think about this skyscraper and what building in the future will be the highest in the world.

10 thoughts on “Sky Mile Tower

  1. Wow!!! 😀
    Corn Pedersen Fossk (KPF), Mr. David Marrow (USA) suggested virtual this plan.
    I wonder if I will be living until 2045…(T^T)

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