Golden Bridge

A bridge that holds giant stone hands ?!

In Vietnam, not far from Danang, a bridge was recently built, which can be called a miracle of architectural thought. So, drove.

The bridge was opened only recently, only this spring. From a distance it seems that huge hands support a small strip. In fact, the hands are a strong metal frame (and the old kind of a stone with moss-grown moss was given to it by the designers themselves), which keeps the bridge wriggling over them. There are also many colors along the bridge. Another of his chips is that from a distance the bridge seems curved, but its surface is completely level. This is another of the advantages that increases its value. This bridge is located at an altitude of 1414 meters above sea level, and its length is about 150 meters.

It was built almost a year and more than $ 2 billion was spent on its construction, even the authorities decided to attract investors (because the amount is impressive). Thus, the bridge can attract 1.5 million tourists a year.

The “Golden Bridge” has already gathered a lot of tourists and was made against its background of thousands of photographs. It’s really an impressive bridge. I would like to go there, do not you? Write in the comments

16 thoughts on “Golden Bridge

  1. Wowwwww~~Interesting!!:D
    I search about this!!:D
    It’s made in June 2018 in Burner Hills (theme park) for the purpose of gather tourists!
    It is good that the tourism increases and the Nation becomes rich. 😀

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