Volvo S60 (2018)


One of these days company Volvo presented a new sedan Volvo S60. The presentation took place in America on the occasion of the opening of the first Volvo factory there. The novelty turned out to be dynamic, sporty and at the same time elegant. So, let’s go on to look at the new Volvo S60.

In general, its exterior is similar to the previous Volvo models of recent years. This sedan turned out to be sportier than its older S90 class. Its size:

  • The length is 4761 mm.
  • The width is 2040 mm.
  • The height is 2872 mm.

Inside, the interior is also recognizable by the latest Volvo models, but more refined. In the middle near the dashboard is a multifunctional multimedia large screen Sensus Connect, which supports communication with 4G. Convenient in the grasp of the steering wheel, a virtual instrument panel and soft leather seats with headrests make the ride even more comfortable. On the back row of seats, a couch for three passengers, but maybe for two, throwing back the armrest. Also included is a large panoramic sunroof.

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All cars of this company were famous for their safety, and here too it was not without it. All kinds of sensors from which you can identify the safety system City Safety, semi-automatic pilot Pilot Assist, which insures the driver and does not allow you to drive to the roadside or oncoming lane, and also brake if you see the danger of collision.

Also this is the first Volvo car, which will not have diesel engines, hybrids will replace me. This is due to the fact that Volvo is going to completely make their cars on electric traction.

The company Volvo every time to improve their cars by introducing something new. Volvo is safe and reliable. Do you like this sedan or do not you like cars at all? Write necessarily in the comments.👇

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