Lincoln Nautilus

Competitor Porsche Cayenne or luxury crossover?

We have talked about crossovers many times, and also mentioned that they are more suitable for family life and the choice is more towards them. Among the crossover we distinguished compact and premium. It’s time again to look at more luxury crossovers, but more original ones. This is the new mid-size flagship crossover Lincoln Nautilus!

Yes, it was Lincoln. Although this car brand is available mainly in North America, it does not prevent us from talking about it. In general, the novelty was introduced recently, at the Auto Show in Los Angeles a few days ago. It soon became a new version of the old crossover Lincoln MKS, but better. The crossover turned out very good and the design is somewhat reminiscent of the Porsche Cayenne 2018, but more elegant. Although this crossover is built on the same platform and as the Ford Edge, it does not prevent him from standing out and at the expense of another body. And what about the new Nautilus and the crossover design in general?

The interior did not change much, but it became more modern and original in its business style. Instead of the digital dashboard now stands a 12.3-inch display with virtual scales. The central panel has a fairly large tablet system, but on the sides of the mechanical buttons and have not disposed of, probably this is their chip and the original solution. The salon is mostly worthy of being called a premium. This is evidenced by expensive materials such as leather, aluminum and others. There are also various safety systems such as unforeseen braking, the ability to change to another lane, a 360-degree view, adaptive cruise control, and a new function that helps the driver to turn the rudder in the right direction in the event of a collision hazard.

These are just the basic safety functions that this new crossover is stuffed with. Also there is an application for smartphones that helps to control a car from it, for example, to look at the indicators, open or lock the door, open the trunk and so on.

Lincoln Nautilus has turned out very good in terms of comfort and safety, but also do not forget that this crossover and patency is its main advantage. I believe that this is a more urban crossover, but despite this it is very elegant, well-built, and indeed an excellent machine that can compete with the best flagships in this line. What do you think?

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