#3: Tokyo

​Ultramodern metropolis! Tokyo!

​Bored with traveling? Today it’s Japan, mostly Tokyo, where I really dream to go. And that’s why I know a lot about this country. But immediately I say that the trip will cost you at least $ 3800. Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world! You can save very much here, but you do not come to Japan to save money. So it will count on the average cost of the trip.

First flight:
 the cheapest tickets in October, and the most expensive in April, because in Japan at this time sakura blossoms and the influx of tourists is very large. It is necessary to book tickets for six months, then the price for them is much lower. The price of the flight is about $ 836 both ways for two weeks.
Now about the hotels. It’s not so simple. For a four-star hotel for ten days for three will need to give about 65 thousand. But you can also live in ryokanah (these are traditional Japanese houses), but there too, the cost will reach $ 1900.

It should be noted that there is no sense in coming to Tokyo for more than two weeks. Firstly, because it is quite an expensive country, and secondly, it’s just not necessary, because in two weeks you can visit all the sights of Tokyo, both well-known and little-known.

In Tokyo, there are many attractions, for example, the highest television tower which has an observation deck and offers a stunning view of the city. You can also visit the Imperial Palace and the Kabuki-Cho Theater. It is necessary to visit the most lively and large avenue in the world-Shibuya. Go to the area of ​​Akihabara and marvel at the latest technologies and robots. And go to the Ginza quarter and see how the rich live in Tokyo. Also worth visiting is the bulk island of Odaiba, which is made of garbage and waste. It is also worth a visit in the Japanese subway, it is one of the largest in the world. There are many more small sights, but you can find it on the streets of Tokyo or go to one of the interesting places.

About food: you can buy in the shops the usual food for us and cook at home (if you stayed in an apartment), you can also visit restaurants and inexpensive cafes (if you stayed at the hotel). There the cost will depend on your order. But it’s best to try traditional food and try sushi and compare. Japanese food is very diverse and worth trying.
In Japan, there is also very affordable and excellent shopping. It’s expensive, but it’s worth buying a couple of designer and original things from Japanese fashion.

​To visit Japan and not buy a real Japanese manga is simply not forgivable. You need to buy as a souvenir at least one volume of the popular manga. Or the figure of anime characters.
I think that Tokyo and Japan as a whole are one of the countries that must be visited at least once in their lives. This is an amazing country with its color, traditions, strangeness, its culture and its unique charm. I will definitely visit this country and I am sure that I will find many more interesting things and write about it. What do you think about this country?

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