Dji Mavic Pro Obsidian (2017)

​The best drone or not?

​Drones is a thing that makes the original and exciting video and photography. Drones are widely used in various fields, for example, in movies, in Hollywood. The most common company is dji. They produce very good and quality drones. Well, what if I say that there is almost the best drone after the Phantom 4 Pro?
This is the new dji mavik pro. This quadrupter is half the size of Phantom. It is also very compact due to folding wings, which allows it to fit into a backpack. However, the most interesting thing is that mavik pro managed to keep all the functions that phantom has, but mavik is much cheaper. The holder receives a full set of front and bottom sensors that allow tracking objects, evading obstacles, autonomous landing and maintaining stability in rooms in the absence of a satellite signal.

​Its disadvantage is the camera: it is slightly worse than the phantom. Removes in 4K video 30 frames / s m video clips 1080p at 96 frames / s. The viewing angle was also slightly smaller than that of the flagship model, in contrast to the 94, a viewing angle of 78 degrees. Also there is a three-axle suspension with a stabilization system like the flagship drones. Now in the updated version, which was presented on the ifa 2017 in Berlin, its battery can hold a charge up to 30 minutes. Its top speed is 65 km / h. Mavik had one problem: he made a lot of noise when taking off. But now this problem has been corrected by putting new blades and a new motor. Now the noise is 60% less.

​Also, it can transmit a video stream up to 7 kilometers via a new interface. The console also became more new and convenient, it resembles a game controller. Below is a smartphone for online broadcast. The drone costs about 1000 dollars.
I think the drone is an original thing. It allows you to shoot colorful landscapes and mesmerizing photos. It is suitable for travelers. This is an excellent drone and almost the best. But it seems to me that he still does not reach the flagship phantom.

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