Path of fear in China

1500 meters above the ground! Glass path along the mountain

The last record about the glass viewing platform you really liked and so I decided to publish something else, but much better

“Path of fear” -the engineers dubbed a new invention: a trail along the mountain at an altitude of 1500 meters! She is also in China on Tienmen Mountain.The whole construction is made of glass. Below you are only 2.5 inches of glass surface. It’s really scary. The whole path of fear extends along the mountain for 60 meters, but it will be more than enough to feel the adrenaline rush and want to go back.

​I think it’s worth it to come here and test yourself for courage. But this is not the terrible path itself: in China there is one more only made of wood and metal supports, but this will not save much.

​Those who want a truly spectacular attraction and which will simultaneously capture the spirit, you here! It also offers stunning views of the valley and mountains.

20 thoughts on “Path of fear in China

  1. I hate to say it, but those pictures scared the heck out of me. I don’t mind heights under most circumstances, but this! I would be like the picture of the woman, clinging to the rock face. Thanks for a great post.

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  2. I love mountain and I love those “test of fear” ! 😀 Is it totally safe ? Of course the one made by wood… hum… I won’t go. But this one !! I would like so much sit on it and just make few hours of meditation with that vue above me !
    (please, don’t hesitate to tell me if I make mistake cause I want improve my english 😀 😀 ) Byyyye !

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