Modern traditional houses in Japanese style

Would you like to live in a Japanese traditional house? Where used to live samurai themselves … This desire and this thought arose practical for everyone. Almost all this exteriors and the interior of this traditional Japanese house with a sloping and curved roof evokes an impression.

Previously, with such traditional houses lived almost everything. But the traditional houses differed in their structure: the interior and the exterior. The poor lived in ordinary non-primitive houses, and influential people, officials, statesmen, and strong samurai under the patronage of the shogun, and other wealthy townspeople lived in houses already richer: there were many rooms, terraces and so on. Roofs also trimmed from more expensive drunk materials. Even there were houses and two-story glies were already more and more expensive.

Modern Japanese houses in the traditional style:
Tatami, soft mats, walls made of paper partitions … It’s beauty! In modern Japanese traditional houses, a TV set, Internet and a computer are switched on, there are also prefixes and other electronics. In houses of Japanese style should be present: one large bedroom, living room, kitchen, rest rooms, terrace, garden and so on.

In a traditional Japanese house you will not find ordinary beds, tables or chairs that are usual for us. Here everything is different. You will sleep on special soft and thick mattresses instead of beds, and dine at a low table and chairs folding their one half and back. But it’s worth it to learn the true culture of Japan.

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