Volvo xc60 (2017)


This is the fifth-generation crossover from the Swedish company Volvo. A new fifth-generation car was presented in 2016, and it was launched only in 2017 closer to May.
With each new generation this crossover becomes safer in some areas and by 2020, Swedish manufacturers say that this is one of the safest cars in the world. The overall length of the all-terrain vehicle is 4,690 mm, which is 46 mm larger than the predecessor’s, the wheelbase is 2,865 (+ 91) in width, 1,902 (+ 11) in width, and 1,658 (-55) in height. Cargo space and ground clearance (clearance) for the new HC60. Even they themselves call this car the safest in the world. This is evidenced by the cameras of a circular view, tracking sensors, parking sensors, autopilot and the like. Even there was a new function of an automatic alignment of a wheel. It’s not for nothing that more than 60% of all Volvo sales go to this crossover.

This crossover truly deserves to be called the safest car in the world


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