Do you go to the gym? And how do you get better?

Do you like sports? I started going to the gym when I turned 15 years old. And it all started with the fact that I did not want to study at home, I did not have any motivation, it was not interesting for me, I wanted to go to the hall. And then my father decided to take me to the gym. Since I did not know anything there, what and how to do and what exercises to perform, my father hired me a coach. From the first lesson, I received a lot of fun and strong krepaturu throughout the … Continue reading Do you go to the gym? And how do you get better?

News in a new form or not?

Hi! I have a new idea for a blog. To make it more interesting to read it, I decided to introduce a new function AirTidings. This is a kind of news over the past week related to technology, new interesting gadgets, cars and other things. Do you think this is a good idea? Everything depends on you. Will this function take place in the blog or not. Go to my Twitter page and vote. And who does not have this social network, just put it on this post. (If you get 40 likes, this function will take effect from the … Continue reading News in a new form or not?