#1(5 days): Volvo xc40 (2018)

​Compact crossover from Volvo! ​At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Swedes introduced the new compact crossover Volvo xc40. This is the smallest crossover among Volvo cars. Inside the cabin is almost the same as that of its predecessors, but with some changes and with the addition of some details. In the middle of a large touch screen, the instrument panel is completely virtual. And in general everything is as usual: quality materials, everything is adjusted at the highest level. Despite the fact that this is the smallest crossover in the class, it is quite spacious, even on the back row … Continue reading #1(5 days): Volvo xc40 (2018)

Sony or Apple?

What will you choose? So I constantly compare a certain gadget from Sony to Apple. An example of the same wireless headphones. It’s not just that. And all because there is very little on the market, more precisely, there are practically no competitors for Sony as before. Only Apple can compete with them. But what’s better, Apple or Sony? From the very beginning, the first company was Sony, which gave a new impetus to technology and innovation. Apple is a relatively young corporation, but with a large turnover for the year. All this because people overpay more for the brand … Continue reading Sony or Apple?

Honda Urban EV

​A new citycar from Honda! This have not happened before! ​Honda also introduced one of its new products in Frankfurt. This became an electric car Honda Urban EV. This is a completely new, on a new platform, citycar. It is somewhat reminiscent of the VW Golf, but basically the design and interior are peculiar and interesting. Also, the Japanese made their logo highlight the company’s logo: it will now be present on all cars, at least Honda. ​It is designed in retro style and it gives it a kind of charm. Inside, everything is much more interesting. The interior itself … Continue reading Honda Urban EV