It was a great year!

Thank you! Well, this year has already come to an end. There were many interesting and fascinating things in it. For me, this year was not like the others. In short, thank you to everyone for supporting me, for keeping up my posts and writing great comments thus motivating me. And I’m very glad that you like what I write. Next year I promise that the content will be more diverse and exciting. This year we collected about 350 subscribers, thank you all very much for this, without you this blog would not be so interesting. And my goal next … Continue reading It was a great year!

Best in business

You can do it! Everyone, probably, has something that he does well and is better than others. But there are also people who do it better than you. How to become the best in your business? The best is always to become very difficult. We are used to doing what we do and simply do not want to further develop, improve, that is, get out of our comfort zone. This is not always good. We think that we are doing a certain thing well enough to further improve, but it is not. For sure there will be people who will … Continue reading Best in business

Lifepack-smart pack

Backpack on solar panels, able to recharge up to 6 times any smartphone? Now, without gadgets, almost every person does not represent life and day. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, they all need sub-compression, and running time is limited. But what if you carry a backpack on solar panels, which at any time will be able to recharge any of your gadgets? Lifepack is a backpack for everyday life, and even better, it is suitable for travel. In this backpack there are four hidden departments where you can store valuables. In one of them is a USB port for charging devices. It … Continue reading Lifepack-smart pack

The most popular tourist destinations next year

Where to go on a trip in 2018? Traveling is always good, especially if you know where you need to go next year. So, this is the list of the most popular tourist destinations in 2018. Top seven opens the Korean city of Gangneung (I personally have not heard anything about this city😄😄). Soon there will be the Winter Olympic Games, so the popularity of this city will begin to grow rapidly. In sixth place is the city of Bournemouth, which is in England. Its peculiarity is that this city is atypical for England and represents a warm climate and … Continue reading The most popular tourist destinations next year


Recently I created my own page on Twitter and I want to invite you to it. There will be polls, interesting videos and photos from new posts. In short, it will be interesting. And, guys, I need your help, without you this page will not be so bright, interesting and rich. Because who is interested, here’s a link to my page, or or hammer into a twitter search @Konlee6, or search to google😄😉 Continue reading Subscribe!